While Jordan Linn Graham awaits trial on second degree murder charges for allegedly pushing her newlywed husband Cody Johnson over a cliff in Glacier National Park, many are wondering how many deaths occur in the park on a regular basis.

Glacier National Park Public Affairs Officer Denise Germann gathered a century's worth of evidence on park fatalities. Between 1913, the first year data is available, and September 2013, Germann said that "to date, there have been 260 deaths within the park."

Though Germann could not specify the number of murders and suicides in the park, she did point out that one type of death was most common.

"What I can tell you, is that the majority of the deaths are related to drowning; related to some sort of water accident," Germann said. "You know there's everything from climbing accidents, to motor vehicle accidents, to health issues - cardiac arrest, heart attacks, things like that - as well as bear maulings."

So far this year, five people have died in Glacier. Most of those deaths were the result of climbing accidents.

Denise Germann: