Sergeant John Weber with the Missoula Police Department told me there were 9...count 'em...9 DUI arrests between 9 pm Thursday night at 4:30 Friday morning. One of those DUI's resulted in a traffic accident where an alleged drunk driver t-boned another car.

Thankfully, no one was killed or seriously injured. Weber remarked 'that's just Missoula, I guess. At least we're getting the drunks off the road'. My question is...why were the drunks on the road in the first place? What is wrong with this city?!!? Is there some kind of collective madness that says 'I won't get caught...I won't kill or hurt anyone..I just need to get home!' Please...please, get a designated driver, or better yet...stop drinking!!!!! Is it really that much fun? Just ask Sergeant John Weber.

Peter Christian