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You’ve probably seen at least one “Stuff People Say” video on YouTube. They have become somewhat of a sensation, with topics ranging from “Things People Say to Photographers” to “Stuff Guys Don’t Say Out Loud.” Using these fine examples of cinematic genius as inspiration, I have compiled a list of things that people in Missoula don’t say. Enjoy.

You’ve probably seen at least one “Stuff People Say” video on YouTube. Here's a local twist on the concept.

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“Those college kids next door sure are nice.”


The house I lived in during college was the only all-student residence on the block. When my roommates and I moved in, the reception we received from our neighbors was cold, to say the least. But don’t worry, they eventually came around — to tell us to stop parking in “their” spot, that is.


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“Where is the dog’s leash?”


Does anyone in this town walk their dog on a leash? So far this summer, I’ve been chased by at least five unrestrained canines. Luckily, the only one that tried to bite me was a particularly feisty wiener dog, and my height advantage made it easy to hop over him.


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“I think I’d rather drive.”


I have to give Missoulians props for their commitment to alternative forms of transportation such as buses, bikes and even roller blades. It’s almost uncool to drive a car, especially if it’s not a Subaru.


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“Dude, I’m so glad I bought a university parking pass.”


Continuing with the theme of transportation, the parking situation at The University of Montana is always a popular topic of conversation among students who purchase parking passes with the expectation of actually being able to use them. Suckers.


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“Go Cats!”


If you’re a Bobcat fan living in Missoula, you’re probably well aware that advertising your team loyalty is risky business. Around here, displaying anything marked with Bozeman blue and gold makes you a big red target for diehard Griz fans.