News Talk KGVO 101.5 FM and 1290 AM  is now mobile! You live a mobile life, and now it's possible to stay connected to KGVO wherever you go. Our new mobile website makes everything you love about KGVO easier to access when you aren't sitting in front of a computer.

That means our live player, local news, and 24/7 access to our on-air shows are right at your finger tips.

But that's only one reason to check out our new mobile site. We have five more right here:

1. You can use it now. No downloads, no installation. Just go to and bask in all that is mobile. It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone, Android, or something else altogether. You'll see our homepage laid out so you can easily find local news, listen to the live player, get info on upcoming events, and lots more.

2. Mobile listening is ridiculously convenient. RadioPup is no longer the only way to listen to KGVO on the go. See that arrow in the upper right corner of the screen? That gives you instant access to our high-quality stream. Tap it to hear KGVO live, 24/7.

3. Mobile reading, watching, and commenting is also convenient. You can now check out all the articles on, including news, videos, and more, while sitting on the bus, doing yoga, or hey, even when you're in the bathroom. Never be lonely again!

4. Talk directly to our on-air staff. Just click the picture for one of our staff members to interact with them 24/7.

5. Never miss another news story. Head to on a mobile device, check out the news feed, and stay up to date on what's going on in Missoula and the surrounding area.