With the first snow of the year on the ground already, it’s time for people to start passing around bugs. The common cold is one of the most infamous of all bugs to be generously shared every year. My family survives at least one cold every winter, some more severe than others. With all six of us suffering at one time or another from this ailment, it helps to know a few tricks to help fight a cold.

  • Rest, don’t run

    This is a hard one for me. I always think that I can sweat out a cold, but it turns out I can’t. The opposite is actually true. If you have a cold it is much better to skip a few workouts and replace them with naps because sleep helps to boost your immune system.

  • Drink up

    Everywhere I turn, I read or am told how important it is to be drinking water and many glasses of it every day. However, it is especially important to do so when you have a cold, as drinking lots of water helps to thin the mucous so it can make its way out of your body faster.

  • Blow it out

    I know your nose can get red and raw from all the nose blowing, but don’t give up. The best thing you can do is blow your nose as much as possible. The less mucous left in your head the better.

  • Sweeten things up

    No matter how you like to eat it, whether it be on toast or in your tea, up your honey intake during your cold. Eating honey is a super way to help stop a cough as it is a natural cough suppressant.

  • Mom was right

    Of course, mom is always right. Every time I was sick as a child my mom would make chicken noodle soup. Science has proven that between the steam from the hot soup and the amino acids in chicken, this magical soup helps to thin mucous, which aids in shortening the duration of a cold.