A vehicle accident turned into a big diesel spill around 5 a.m. this morning, April 4, near the Wye.

“There was a semi coming out of the McDonalds there at the Town Pump parking lot," said Frenchtown Rural Fire Chief Joe Calnan. "Basically, the trailer, a refrigerated box car tipped over and somehow it punctured the fuel tank that fuels the refrigeration unit on that truck.”

According to Missoula City-County Health Department Environmental Health Specialist Travis Ross, about 140 gallons of diesel had to be mopped up after the spill.

“It was a fairly easy clean up, fortunately the spill remained on the pavement we had sand placed and the fire department placed some absorbent materials,” Ross said. “The department of Transportation put down some absorbent materials. Thankfully, it was an easy clean up and no soil or water was effected.”

The truck belongs to U.S. Foods and Ross said that the frozen food inside the trailer was kept frozen and wasn’t spoiled during the incident.