MISSOULA, Mont. -Missoula County commissioners approved $1.14 million for development at the Missoula International Airport. The funding will cover $302,875 for an access road, $494,550 for a utility corridor and $347,900 for part of a taxiway.

"The money will be coming from a tax increment district, which includes the airport," said Missoula County development director Dori Brownlow. "It is money that was paid into the district because of growth."

The property to be developed, 17 acres east of the terminal, has been the center of interest, according to the Missoula International Airport's business development manager, Dan Neuman.

"We had been pushing the project off for the future, but then all of a sudden people started coming to us, expressing interest in the property," Neuman told NBC Montana. "It makes sense, property with land and air access is rare."

The overall cost of the development project is $5.3 million, including the $1.14 million approved by the county.

"It has really been driven by demand," said Neuman. "The new property could house hangars for smoke-jumping aircraft, emergency medical aircraft, and air-cargo planes."

He estimates over five years the development could create 84 high-paying jobs and bring in a $14 million to the economy through wages, lease income and property tax.